College and Career Pathways

In an ever-changing world we know the sooner students start preparing for the rigors of life after high school, the more likely they will reach success. College and Career Pathways are comprised of electives specifically designed to help students start thinking and planning for what they want to achieve once they graduate high school. Whether students choose to participate in AVID, Immersive Media, Leadership, or Life Skills, each student will leave Hanshaw with a deeper understanding of the endless opportunities life has to offer. Each path focuses on career exploration while offering eligible students the chance to visit local and state colleges (virtually and in-person). Students spend time developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, academic discourse, computer literacy, and collaborating with peers. Regardless of the path your student takes, enrollment in one of the CC Pathways ensures your student will leave Hanshaw ready to enter high school focused and prepared to succeed.