PBIS Rewards

Welcome to the PBIS Rewards system.

PBIS: Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports. ... The broad purpose of PBIS is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of schools and other agencies. PBIS improves social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students, including students with disabilities and students from underrepresented groups.

Signing into the Desktop Portal:

The first step you must do is set a new password in the Desktop Portal. You will use this same password in the Smartphone App.

  1. Go to PBIS Rewards and click on the button labeled "New Account Setup"

  2. Follow the instructions by searching for your school and entering your email address.

  3. You will get a second email with a link to set a password. Click the link in that email and set a new password.

  4. After you set your new password, the next page will take you back to the login screen to sign into your account.

Installing and Signing into the PBIS Rewards Staff App:

Download the PBIS Rewards Staff app through Google Play for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The next steps are similar to signing into the Desktop Portal. You must have successfully signed into the Desktop Portal before you can use the Smartphone App.

1. Follow the instructions on the login screen, using the same information you used for the Desktop Portal.
2. The first time you sign into a device, you will receive an authorization email. Click on the link in that email to authorize your phone as a device that can run the app.

Open the app and select the blue arrow and enter your password again. From this point forward, you simply will enter your password to use the app.

Student Login

Staff Login