Immersive Media

This course teaches students the Design Thinking Process (Engineering Process) and teaches them to work with existing technology to create augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality is putting the internet into the real world in order to enhance it! How people interact with their technology is moving more and more towards AR. The most common form of augmented reality is the photo filters we use on our phones. During this course, students will learn the technology to design and write stories that create their personal AR. Immersive Media teaches students how to use AR technology to solve problems, both locally and globally. 

This course is a foundational step for anyone who wants to be a computer engineer or programmer. 

Colleges: California Polytechnic State University; University of Southern California; University of California, Irvine; Santa Clara University; San Jose State University 

For more information visit the Hanshaw’s Immersive Media course.