SSC Nominations 23-24

School Site Council Nominations

School Site Council Nominations

School Site Council is an elected group of parents/community members, teachers, students and school staff who work together to ensure student success and achievement.  Together, the School Site Council focuses on all student needs and the mission and vision of Hanshaw Middle School through analyzing data and student outcomes to ensure the success of our students.  The council meets 6-10 times per school year at a time mutually decided upon to meet the needs of its members as a whole.  

The Hanshaw Middle School Site Council (SSC) is an integral and important council for our school community.  What exactly is the purpose of a School Site Council?  School Site Council is designed to develop and revise the School Plan for Student Achievement.  This plan defines and outlines a guide that helps schools meet the academic and social needs of the students.  School Site Council helps to make decisions regarding school funds allocated to increase student achievement.  

The School Site Council is comprised of three parents or community members who are nominated and elected by Hanshaw Middle School parents.

The School Site Council also is represented by the school principal, four teachers, three parents, three students and one other staff member.  Meetings are held every month or every other month depending on the need and last for an hour.

Hanshaw Middle has multiple member positions on the School Site Council (SSC) available for election in the 2023-24 school year, and I would like to encourage you to consider participating on the School Site Council. 

The parent positions open are:

2023-24 one-year term - 1 position

2023-25   two-year term – 1 position

The student positions open are:

2023-24 one-year term - 1 position

2023-25   two-year term – 2 positions

If you are interested in serving on the School Site Council, please nominate yourself or another member by completing the Hanshaw 23-24 SSC Nominations Form at this link by 5pm on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 or by  sending in a name and phone number to the Hanshaw office.