Dress Code

Students are required to maintain appropriate dress standards as defined by school, district, and state administrative codes.

Any dress, grooming, or appearance, which disrupts, or tends to disrupt the educational process, or affect the health or safety of individuals shall be prohibited (Ed. Code 48900, sub-section k; 35161, 34183, 35291.5, 35294.4) C.A.C. Title V, Section 302, and Board Policy 5135, 5135.1 and 5137.

Students May Not Wear

  1. Hats caps or headgear of any kind. Black, Gray and Burgundy Knit Caps are allowed during inclement weather.

  2. Shorts, skirts, pants, and tops that fail to conceal {cover} undergarments, back, abdomen, and cleavage. Tops which are low-cut or expose bare midriffs, no spaghetti straps, tank tops that expose undergarments or show excessive skin, sheer clothing, shirts with inappropriate language or pictures, or any attire reflecting visual sexual harassment. Shorts/skirts, which are shorter than midthigh. Leggings or tights need to be worn under pants that have holes above the fingertips. No Top or bottom cleavage.

  3. Any clothing/paraphernalia/symbol that displays a logo or other message promoting alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, promoting violence, or relating to any illegal activity.

  4. Baggy or Saggy pants. Tops which are too large. All clothing must fit appropriately.

  5. Attire/paraphernalia/symbols identified with gangs, including but not limited to, bandannas, gloves, hair nets, items of clothing with 8 ball symbols, smile now-cry later symbols, old English lettering, prison crosses, Nor Cal, Nor-Cal Star, California Shirt/Sweatshirts and any other display known to be gang related. Clothing which displays large letters identified with gangs such as ‘S’ or ‘N’.

  6. Articles of clothing can’t be solid red or blue.

  7. All sports attire/clothing including colleges. (Hanshaw sports OK.)

  8. Dangerous clothing such as steel toed shoes, chains, or chains on wallets or jewelry. Spikes or studs of any kind.

  9. Shoes without backs or straps, flip-flops

  10. No more than 1 non solid article of red or blue clothing. No stacking of the same color.

Dress Code Images

California Administrative code, Title V, Section 302: A pupil who goes to school without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress, may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare him/herself for the schoolroom before entering.